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My story: Inside the Egg: Troubled teen Kirsty's vivid imagination lands her in hot water.

The Birdskin Shoes Book by Joan Taylor-Rowan

The Birdskin Shoes: The story of Joey Pachuca, an Irish runaway with an incredible gift, but a guilty conscience.



My story: Three Sisters on the Edge: When three sisters get together to dispose of their mother's ashes, secrets are finally revealed.

Homelessness stories

My story: Never KnowinglyWhen a young couple fall on hard times, there is only one solution.

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5 stories by me:

Bitter-Sweet like Pomegranates: A soldier's life changes when he he forced to take part in an execution.

The Dress: Sewing can be a solace

TheBet: The Eurovision song contest is the source of division and reconciliation between two young sisters.

DFL: When a reluctant Maya moves from London to St leonards, she learns to see things differently

Never Knowingly: See above.



The overground line

My story: Birdland: Could finding new love be a walk in the park?

Stories about London

My story: Renewal: Rachel has a choice to make - renew her contract or make a break for freedom. It takes a tragedy to make her decide.