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Inside the Egg: Troubled teen Kirsty's vivid imagination gets her into trouble.

The Birdskin Shoes Book by Joan Taylor-Rowan

The Birdskin Shoes: The story of Joey Pachuca, an Irish runaway with an incredible gift, but a guilty conscience.


Mexico City 7.03 a.m., September 19th 1985

It was the silence that woke him. The birds with their raucous chatter had vanished. Joey jumped up and fell back to the ground as an excruciating pain ran through his feet. His head ached from alcohol but his feet knew what was coming. Earthquake. The word formed and then the world collapsed around him.

Three Sisters on the Edge: When three sisters get together to dispose of their mother's ashes, secrets are finally revealed.

Just behave like we're on a regular day out at the seaside,"Diana said, marching down the beach with a painted kitchen stool. Her sisters were standing near the car with their own favourite chairs from their mother's house. A picnic by the sea in honour of their mother - Diana's idea of course.

Homelessness stories

Never KnowinglyWhen a young couple fall on hard times, there is only one solution.

We decided to move into John Lewis in the second week of December. Spur of the moment, we said afterwards but I'd been thinking about it for months.

Bitter-Sweet like Pomegranates: A soldier's life changes when he he forced to take part in an execution.



It may have been my bullet that killed him. There were two firing squads and I was in the first; two shots each and the holes would be counted.

The overground line

Birdland: Could finding new love be a walk in the park?

He said it right to her face, "I'm sorry Sal but it's over."

She looked up at him, stung. It was barely three weeks since Valentine's Day, his card was still sitting on the mantelpiece.

Stories about London

Renewal: Rachel has a choice to make - renew her contract or make a break for freedom. It takes a tragedy to make her decide.

"You could do some management training," my boss says handing me my contract for renewal. We're expanding and there are opportunities opening up in testing the machines that test the smartcards...,"

"...that live in the house that Jack built," I say.

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