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The Birdskin Shoes

Joan Taylor-Rowan writes with great freshness and assurance...

I LOVED this book and it deserves every possible success.

Katie Hickman, Author of The Pindar Diamond and The Aviary Gate

Five by Five

The collection as a whole has tendency towards fantasy and magical realism,... historical stories alongside Joan Taylor Rowan's (London Lies, Lover's Lies, Stations) acid humour and modern desperation. 

"Joan Taylor- Rowan’s ‘Bitter Sweet Like pomegranates’ is one of the finest short stories.

Amazon review

Stories for Homes 

For me personally, there were five stand out stories...Never Knowingly by Joan Taylor-Rowan is such a charming and funny idea; that of living in a department store at Christmas. Lovely characters and dialogue. Amazon review

This Isn't Who I Am? published in Writers Forum magazine Jan 2022

I’ve just read your story in WF. So powerful. As a hardened reader of all things, it takes a lot to hit me in the solar plexus, but this story did it!
Your story is one of the few that will stay with me for a long time.

P. Hibbert

Book no.1
Book no.2
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